Keeping up with technological advancements, Siddhartha Bank Limited (SBL) entered digital banking more than a decade ago. With our digital banking service, we facilitate ease in transactions like balance enquiry, fund transfer, payment of utility bills and many more using devices such as laptops, smart phones, desktop computers, etc., through the internet.

SBL’s internet banking services is recognized as Siddhartha iConnect.

Features of Siddhartha iConnect

  • Customer needs to submit the duly filled iConnect application form with valid email ID.
  • Download and install ‘Google Authenticator’ App from Play Store/Apple Store.
  • Using the App, scan the QR code received through email to display the OTP which completes the registration process.
  • While executing fund transfer, generate and use OTP from the App.
  • Upon validation of OTP, you will be provided with the option to input the Transaction Password.
  • The OTP is a self-generated code. A new OTP will be generated every 30 seconds.
  • Since the generated OTP is offline, the mobile ‘Date and Time’ must be synchronized with Network date and time. If the mobile has different time zone, the OTP will not be valid.
  • For change of device, the Google Authenticator App needs to be freshly downloaded and QR scanned again from the new device.

Siddhartha iConnect Services

S.No Service Title Purpose
1. Accounts inquiry This function allows the customer to inquire Account Information and Current Balance under single Customer Information File (CIF).
2. Account statement This function allows customer to download Account Statement.
3. Cheques This function allows customer to check status of cheques.
4. Payments (Internal transfer) This link allows customer to transfer funds from his/her account to specified destination account within Siddhartha Bank. Amount limit is NPR 40,000 per transaction and NPR 2,00,000 per day.
5. Change Password This function allows customer to change their iConnect password.
6. Term Deposit With this function, one can get details about his/her term deposit.
7. My Services This function allows customer to view the mail, user session, exchange rates and download forms published by SBL.
8. Bill Payment This function allows customer to pay utility bills.
9. Loans This function allows customer to access details regarding loans.
10. Logout This function allows customer to log out from internet banking.

Download Links

IConnect Application Form

iConnect End User Guide

Manual for Utility Bill Payment

Manual for 2FA