• SBL Credit Card is the plastic card issued as a loan to the customer with pre defined credit limit. Credit card is considered as a handy financial tool to manage short term credit requirement conveniently. It is based on the concept of buy now and pay later. SBL Credit card provides revolving credit facility to the card holder.
  • Credit card can be applied by any customer who has regular source of income.
  • Application forms are available at all SBL branches. You will have to fill up the application form and submit the KYC and other required documents and proof of regular income source.
  • If approved, it takes 7 working days within Kathmandu Valley and 10 working days outside valley after application has been submitted with all required documents.
  • Credit Card limit is the pre-defined limit determined based on the applicant’s credit 
  • Card will be renewed by the bank in advance if there is no overdue and will be made available to collect it at concerned branch at least 3 days prior to expiry. 
  • Once card is delivered to the customer, bank needs to activate it which normally takes place on the same date.ATM belonging to the bank of any member bank of Nepal Electronic Payment Systems Ltd (NEPS).After activation, customer has to change the PIN from SBL or NEPS member banks’ ATM. 
  • Can be used for the purchase of goods and services. 
  • Cash withdrawal facility(90% of Credit Limit) 
  • Minimum 15-45 days credit facility. 
  • Revolving Credit Facility. 
  • Convenient and safe. 
  • Very useful while traveling. 
  • Credit cardholders will have the privileges of Club Siddhartha offered by Merchants/ Partners only.
  • The billing date is the date when statement of credit card is generated. It is 25th of English month. 
  • Payment due date always falls on 10th of English calendar month and payment has to be made within payment due date to avoid the financial charges.
  • If the card holder does not make minimum payment mandatory by due date, late payment fee will be levied to the card holder. i.e. Rs 300 or 1% of outstanding balance whichever is higher.
  • Payment options is an option to be selected by the cardholder advising bank whether card holder wants to settle entire outstanding or only a part of it. 
  • If the card holder selects the full payment option, total outstanding amount is the minimum payment due and if card holder selects 10% payment option, his minimum payment due is 10% of the transaction amount + fees and charges.
  • It is not mandatory to open an account to apply for SBL Credit Card. If card holder maintains account at SBL, s/he will have the facility for providing standing instructions to debit his/her account on due date.
  • SBL Credit Card can be used at online purchase at India and Nepal. But needs to apply for this service in writing. The form is available at all branches of the bank.

SBL International Travel Card is a prepaid card which is issued against passport facility for exchanging foreign currency to the Nepalese citizens who are travelling to abroad. Confirmedair ticket and passport with valid visa is required to get foreign  currency or any exchange facility provided by Nepal Rastra Bank. International Travel can be used all over the world except India. International Travel card will be  issued in USD currency and can be used for purchase, cash withdrawal purpose and  online purchase.

You can apply for Int’l travel card from any branch of the Bank. The Card is issued  within 30 Minutes.

Yes. Your card needs to be activated, prior to performing any transaction.

Yes. After activation, you need to change the PIN from SBL ATMs or NEPS member  banks’ ATM. Then only International Travel card can be used for purchases or cash  withdrawal facilities.

Any Nepalese citizens can apply for SBL International Travel Cardwith valid Visa and  confirmed air ticket.

No, Account is not required for SBL International Travel Card.

You have to contact Siddhartha Bank’s Call Center at +977 14443410(7:00 AM - 10:00 pm 365x7 days) to block the card immediately and confirm the last transaction which is performed by using your card too. You can request the following contact details to block the card.

Telephone Number : +977 1 4443410 (Direct Line), 4442919  Ext. 2415
Viber Number:  9851242919
E-mail: card@sbl.com.np

Rs.1000.00 for the first time and next time onwards Rs. 500 per load will be charged. The Card will be valid for 2 years.

  • Yes, there is transaction fee for cash withdrawal and balance inquiry, if it is done through other Bank’s ATM. There is no charge for the purchase of goods and services.
  • USD 5/- & USD 1/- per transaction will be charged to the cardholder if the transaction is performed at Visa Network for cash withdrawal and balance inquiry respectively. USD  2/- & USD0.20 will be charged if transaction is performed at NEPS member bank  ATM for cash withdrawal and Balance Inquiry.

No, others cannot use your card.


Per Transaction Limit USD 500/- to USD1000/-
Daily Limit USD 1,000/- to USD 1,500/-
Monthly Limit USD 2,500/- to USD 5,000/-


  • No, it is not allowed to use in India.
  • You can use it at millions of merchant outlets that accept Visa cards such as supermarkets, pharmacies, clothing stores, drug stores, gas stations, hotels,  restaurants, fitness centers and online purchases etc. all over the world.

Yes, there is a limit of USD 2,500/- against the passport facility generally as per NRB.  An additional amounts can be added based on NRB directions and special permission from NRB. 

  • Yes, there is a limit of USD 2,500/- against the passport facility generally as per NRB.  An additional amounts can be added based on NRB directions and special permission from NRB. 
  • You can check your balance at any ATM which accepts Visa cards all over the worldor  contact at SBL Call center as per our contact details mentioned above or any branch  of SBL.
  • You can get your SBL International Travel Card statement upon your request via  mail, phone or Viber. Statement will be sent to register email id which is provided to  the bank while applying for the card.
  • If your transaction is declined, please contact at following numbers. The support person will be available 7:00 AM- 10:00 PM 365X7 days.

TELEPHONE NUMBER:+977 1 4443410 (Direct Line), 4442919 Ext. 2415

Viber Number:9851242919


  • Yes, you can use your SBL International Travel for online purchases.But you have to  request for e-com activation separately.
  • SBL Debit Card is a plastic card which has access to the bank account at any time. SBL Visa Debit Card can be used in merchant locations that have Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals for purchases and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) to withdraw cash. The card is authenticated by PIN (Personal Identification Number).
  • Debit card enablesto make payment at any merchant locations e.g. groceries, restaurants, departmental stores, super markets, hospitals besides withdrawal of cash, balance inquiry and attaining mini statement using ATMs. 
  • You have two options to make payment of SBL Visa Debit Card fee. Either you can pay Rs. 250per year or you can pay Rs.1000 upfront for five years. 
  • Yes you can. You will be provided with option to choose account while withdrawing cash from SBL ATM. But default account will be selected while performing fast cash, cash withdrawal from ATM not belonging to Siddhartha Bank and POS purchase transactions.
  • No, you cannot use your SBL Visa Debit Card for online purchases.

Please register a written complain to your nearest branch with the following details

  • Card No. 
  • Account No. 
  • Name 
  • Transaction amount 
  • Transaction date 
  • Transaction no. (Retrieval Reference No.) – Optional 
  • Bank Name – Optional 
  • ATM ID – Optional 
  • Transaction slips receipt from the ATM – Optional

We will reimburse the amount to your account after verification of your claim. 
It will take about 3 working days if it is the case of withdrawal from SBL ATM. If it is the case of withdrawal from other bank’s ATM, it will take at least 45 days. 

  • Siddhartha Bank Smart is a service that enables banking anywhere anytime, through your mobile phone. Enjoy banking at your fingertips with instant access to your savings and current accounts. Instant fund transfer, view mini statements and balance query, Utility payments, Recharge PIN Top Ups, Merchant Payments, iConnect and Card Services, General Information of Banks – imagine all this from your mobile phone. 
  • Yes indeed! Siddhartha Bank Smart gives you much more than mobile alerts. Siddhartha Bank Smart can be used for Account Fund Transfer, view mini statements and balance query, make Merchant Payments, Card Services, General Information of Banks, Utility payments, Recharge PIN Top Ups etc. it is a whole new way of banking. 
  • Mobile alert is a SMS service where SBL updates you on account activity. These SMSs are sent whenever an event occurs in your account. It sends SMS for every DEBIT or CREDIT transaction equal to and more than NPR. 1000.
  • SMS alerts keep you updated about the significant transactions that have taken place in your account(s). Through SMS Alert you can receive SMS for every Debit only, Credit only, or both types of the transaction of NPR. 1000 or more on the specified mobile number provided by you. 
  • Whereas Siddhartha Bank Smart allows you to get account information such as mini statements and balance inquiry, fund transfer, Utility payments, Recharge PIN Top Ups, Merchant Payments, and General Information of Bank etc either thorough SMS or WEB.
  • Siddhartha Bank Smart is quick and convenient. You can carry out basic banking activities directly from your mobile phone so you can save time of visiting branch. More importantly, you can perform transaction from Siddhartha Bank Smart round the clock.