Financing your investment

Siddhartha Bank's Loan against Shares is a Revolving loan that is granted against the shares of companies listed in the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE).

  • Financing against Ordinary Shares: 70% of average closing price of the share at the latest 120 working days or prevailing market price of the shares, whichever is lower
  • Financing against Promoter Shares: 50% of value of 180 days average price of ordinary shares or last traded price of promoter share, whichever is lower
  • Revolving tenure in case of lending against ordinary shares
  • 1-year tenure in case of lending against promoter shares

Required Documents

  • Forecasted income statement.
  • Total portfolio of shares and Loan/Overdrafts availed from other financial institution/s.
  • Net worth of the applicant/guarantor.
  • Bank statement.