Siddhartha Pay and Save Account

Siddhartha Pay and Save Account

A unique product offering which allows parents to make small savings for their children based on the digital transaction (Ecom/POS transaction/QR Purchase) they perform.

  • At least two accounts shall be opened initially i.e. one belonging to the parent and other belonging to the child. This does not restrict the opening of more than two accounts if the customer wishes to open account of the other parent and other children too in the same product scheme.
  • Free Debit Card and BankSmart XP for the first year in the parents’ account.
  • Free Debit Card and BankSmart XP for the first year in the minor’s account if the minor has availed the facility.
  • Attractive interest rate. (Click here)
  • Zero balance account opening.



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The digital transaction carried out by the parents through their account shall be rounded off to the nearest 50 and the difference amount shall be debited from the parents' account and credited to the children's account.


•        Nepalese (With valid identification document and eligibility to open a Bank account as directed by NRB).

•        The age of children should be below 18 years.


Eligible digital transactions for round off calculation

Debit Card: POS and E-com Transactions

Mobile Banking: QR Merchant Payment Transactions

Round Off Transfer Modality

After performing a digital transaction through the parents’ account, the transaction amount exceeding a set threshold amount will be rounded off to the nearest 50. Threshold transaction amount for eligibility of round off: Rs. 100 (Each transaction exceeding Rs. 100 shall only be eligible for round off). The difference amount derived during the round off shall be debited from the parents’ account and credited to the children’s account.

The account transfer can be made from single or multiple parents’ accounts to single or multiple children’s accounts as decided by the parents. In case of multiple account credit, the amount to be credited shall be equally divided among the accounts to be credited.

Illustration on the eligibility and round off calculation on digital transaction carried out through parents’ accounts.

Transaction Amount

Eligibility Check

Round off amount (to the next 50)


Rs. 95

Not Eligible



Rs. 145


Rs. 5

Rs. 5 transferred from parent account to child account

Rs. 200



The transaction amount is already rounded off hence no transfer shall be carried out

Rs. 1,040


Rs. 10

Rs. 10 transferred from parent account to child account

Debit Card and BankSmart XP facility for minors

- Debit Card and BankSmart XP facility shall be provided to the minor (account holder) in their account based on the consent of the parent (account operator).

- Limited digital transactions shall be allowed through the Debit Card and BankSmart XP availed by the minor.

- The transaction limits shall be as follows:

Digital Channel

Transaction Limit (in NPR)

Per Day

Per Month

Debit Card



BankSmart XP



Total Limit



Cashback Offer (For Limited Period)

The modality of the cash back offer is as follows:

  • Minimum Eligible Transaction Amount: Rs. 1,000.
  • Cash Back Amount: 5% of the transaction amount not exceeding Rs. 100.
  • Eligible Transaction: First POS or E-com transaction carried out via deblt card issued to SPSP account customers.