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Interest Subsidy Loans are supposed to empower under-privileged segment of the country especially farmers, unemployed educated youth, youth returned from foreign employment, aspiring women entrepreneurs, Dalit entrepreneurs, earthquake victims etc. This loan is governed by "Unified Guidelines, 2075 for Interest Subsidy on Subsidized Loan (3rd Amendment, 2077)".


Loan Products
S.No. Product Name Maximum Loan Limit
a. Siddhartha Mahila Udhyamsil Karja (SWEK)) Rs.1.5 million
b. Siddhartha Foreign- Returned Youth Entrepreneurship Loan (SFYK) Rs.1.0 million
c. Siddhartha Higher and Technical or Professional Education Loan (SVEK) Rs.0.5 Million
d. Siddhartha Dalit- Entrepreneurship Development Loan (SDEK) Rs.1.0 Million
e. Siddhartha Earthquake Victims' Residence Building Loan (SNDK) Rs.0.3 Million
f. Siddhartha Educated-Youth Self-employment Loan (SESK)) Rs.0.7 Million
g. Siddhartha Commercial Agriculture-livestock Loan (SCAK) Rs.1.0 Million
h. Siddhartha Youth Self-Employment Loan (SYSL) Rs.0.5 Million
i. Siddhartha Technical and Vocational Training Loan (STTL) Rs.0.2 Million
  • 5% - 6% interest subsidy on floating interest rate of only 2% risk premium on base rate
  • No any charges like loan processing fee, commitment fee and prepayment fee
  • Easy processing and low turn-around time
  • Flexibility in collateral valuation
  • Credit shall be guaranteed with Deposit and Credit Guarantee Fund (DCGF)
  • Insurance Premium and Credit Guarantee Fee is waived by 50% to the customer

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