Loan in marginal

In order to address the Bank's priority to extend the financial services to the under privileged segment of the society and also to comply with the regulatory provision of inclining at least 25% of total portfolio in Priority Sector (including 10% in agriculture sector), reach to 5% on Deprived Sector Lending, Bank has been providing Deprived Sector Loan targetting to deprived, low income and marginalized group of the society with the objective of their economic and social up-gradation.


  • Maximum limit of Rs.1.5 million for individual and business entities
  • Targeted to farmers, deprived and low income group people, commercially agriculture based enterprises, etc.
  • Floating interest rate of only 2% risk premium on base rate
  • Easy processing and low turn-around time
  • Flexibility in collateral valuation
Loan Products
Product Name Maximum Loan Limit
Siddhartha Saral Krishi Karja (MSKK) Rs.1.5 million
Siddhartha Rickshaw Loan (DRLK) 70% to 90% of tax invoice
Siddhartha Low-cost Housing Karja (MLHK) Rs.0.7 million
Siddhartha Saral Laghu Karja (MSLK) Rs.1.5 million
Siddhartha Saral Agri-Equipment Karja (MSEK) 80% of invoice value or Rs.2.5 million whichever is lower
Siddhartha Sthaniya Hydro Karja (MSHK) Rs.0.05 Million