Siddhartha Bank Limited facilitates international as well as local online payments through its dedicated remittance service – SBL Remit. Nepalese working in foreign countries can easily and securely send their money to their loved ones through SBL Remit. Through SBL Remit, customers can transfer amount from Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Korea and various other destinations to anywhere in Nepal. SBL Remit is the fastest and cheapest remittance mode in Nepal.

Currently, we have more than 9000 active payout locations for instant cash pick-up and 400+ direct accounts deposit banks throughout Nepal. We are constantly upgrading our payout outlets for the convenience of our customers.

The Bank has an extensive Remittance Business Center, with an energetic team of competent and seasoned staffs, who provide uncompromised and customer-focused services to the Bank’s valued customer groups. We also operate a dedicated round-the-clock Help Desk with a toll-free number to address customer queries and feedbacks timely and efficiently.

Currently, SBL Remit has its presence in various nations including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Kingdom, Oman, Malaysia, UAE, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and India. The Bank plans to further expand its remittance service to the Nepalese Migrants residing in cities like Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Israel, and Singapore.

List of SBL Remit Agents
  • Paying Agent in Nepal
  • Receiving Agent
    • SWIFT Transfers
      Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is the safest and most secure method of sending/receiving messages from different banks across the globe. SBL has a wide SWIFT arrangement with renowned banks including AMEX, SCB, ICICI, Mashreq, and Commerz. SBL customers may use this service to remit and/or receive funds, efficiently and securely, to/from various parts of the globe. This is the most trusted and widely used method of correspondence among banks, globally.
    • Sale/Purchase Of Foreign Currency
      All customers, account holders or not, can sell or purchase major foreign currencies - US Dollar, Euro, and Pound at prevailing exchange rates.
    • Manager's Cheques
      SBL issues Manager’s Cheques at the request of our customers, to make payments locally.

Remittance Account Opening Form