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Treasury and Correspondent Banking

The Bank maintains a full-fledge Treasury department located in Head Office, Hattisar that functions according to the rules and regulations of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB). The Bank has a state-of-the-art dealing room and is an active player in the local interbank and foreign exchange market. The dealing room is highly secured and is managed by highly trained professionals. It is equipped with latest technologies and software for dealing and other purpose. Because of its involvement in the development of the market in the country, the bank has been taken into various important committees of Foreign Exchange and Money Dealers' Association of Nepal (FEDAN) as well as works in coordination of foreign exchange department of NRB.

The department has three desks, viz. the Money Market Desk, Foreign Exchange Desk, and Bullion Desk. All three desks are based at its Corporate Office at Hattisar, Kathmandu, Nepal.The basic services offered by this department are money market operations, foreign exchange services, market maker for bonds and bullion sales to mention some.


Prompt and competitive pricing for exchange rates

The department prints exchange rates and uploads in the site multiple times a day as per the requirement. It provides prompt and competitive price to its customers for all currencies as allowed by NRB. This function is carried out in all the service networks of the bank in liaison of the treasury department.


Economic, fundamental and technical analysis  for internal purpose

The department daily carries our various economic, fundamental and technical analyses for forecasting the exchange rate and interest rate outlook.


Office hour dealing capacity

SBL has a highly equipped treasury dealing room equipped with Reuters Software, Online Trading platform, Reuters Messaging Services, Telephone recording system for prompt, accurate and better pricing to its clients. The treasury department facilitates its clients via Relationship Officers for all the services offered in office hours.


Market maker for bond market

Sbl performs the role of market making for its customers. Market making includes selling of government bonds available, facilitate at the time of issuance of new offering made by the government.

Spot and Forward Transactions

The department carries both spot as well as forward transactions for sales/ purchase of the foreign currencies as per the requirement. However, competitive premiums are added/ subtracted to forward quotes in line with the market.


Bullion Trading- Physical delivery

The bullion desk sales gold/ silver to registered traders as per the guidelines of Nepal Rastra Bank. The client can buy the precious metals at competitive price with delivery made available instantly.

Our treasury dealers can be contacted for various treasury deals @:

Treasury Department


Hattisar, Kathmandu
P.O. Box No: 13806
Treasury Dealing Line: 977-1-4441267
Treasury Hunting Line: 977-1-4442919, 4442920 (Ext: 2510, 2511)
E-mail :
Direct Fax: 977-1-4443409

As of February 28, 2021 10:28:37

Currency Unit Buying Selling
Cash Other
GBP 1 161.95 162.77 164.72
USD 1 116.66 117.25 117.85

Head Office Location

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