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Trade Finance

As one of the emerging commercial banks in the nation, we are committed to provide up to the mark service to our customers. Our dedicated team of professionals in trade services department is ready to provide our customers with expert advise and swift services from Exports to Imports, Bank Guarantees, Documentary Collection, and Documentary Letters of Credit. Our wide network with banks of international repute will facilitate our customers to execute international trade transaction through us effectively and efficiently without any hassles.



In international trade, some exporters overseas may require remitting part and/or full payment in advance from importers in our country prior to effect shipment. We at SBL can assist our customers, involved in import business, to remit payment in advance as per central bank's regulations in foreign exchange against import of the goods. We can send payments in major foreign currencies like Indian Rupee, US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro etc at very competitive rates. We also efficiently handle advance payment received by the customers involved in export business.


When letter of credit is not established but an exporter is willing to ship the goods, the exporter may send the documents on collection basis through their bank to our bank. Our trade services team will handle such documents professionally and promptly. Once the documents are received at our counter, we will immediately inform our customer and upon their retirement of the documents we will remit payment to the exporter.


Letters of Credit (LC) is the most widely used method of payment for international trade. It is a written undertaking by a bank (issuing bank) issued as per the instructions and on behalf of a buyer (importer) to a seller (exporter) to make payment provided that the seller meets all the terms and conditions mentioned in the undertaking (Letters of Credit). Issuing bank makes payment to the seller only against presentation of the stipulated documents and upon compliance of all the terms and conditions mentioned in the LCs.

International business dealings are risky business. Small flaws could result in huge financial loss. In many cases, an importer may have to deal with an unknown exporter. Therefore, expert advice, proper documentation and prompt communication are important in such dealings. Our expert team of professionals in trade services department understands the importance and the risk associated with LCs. We at SBL can provide our customers with reliable and expert suggestions in handling LCs so that their interests are always protected.

Our connection with many internationally reputed banks and broad network base has enabled us to send letters of credit to virtually any corner of the globe.


Export Letters of Credit is a letters of credit opened by the buyer in foreign country and received through our correspondent bank. Majority of the Nepali exporters do their export business on the basis of Export LC. Certain conditions in Export LC are guided by exchange regulations. Other terms and conditions should also be scrutinized to avoid risk. Our team in trade services is well aware of the prevailing regulations and dedicated to protect the interest of our customers involved in export related business. We at SBL are committed to provide our customers with valuable insight so that their business runs smoothly and efficiently. We also provide various types of loans such as Pre Shipment Loan, Post Shipment Loan, and Document Negotiation/ Purchase to our customers at very competitive rates.


Business dealings in foreign currency involve foreign exchange risk. One of the ways to minimize such risk is to strike forward contract with bank. We, at SBL are willing to buy or sell foreign currencies in advance at competitive rates so that our customers are protected from exchange loss. Customers involved in international trade are always encouraged to hedge foreign exchange risk with forward contract with SBL. We have a competent treasury team to meet your treasury requirements at very competitive rates.

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