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Siddhartha Bank Limited-Hello Paisa

"Sajilo Mobile Khata" is a branchless banking initiative of Siddhartha Bank Limited, aimed at enhancing access of financial services to people in rural parts of Nepal. This innovative mobile banking solution launched under Inter Bank Shared System under common name Hello Paisa. Sajilo Khata customers with help of registered mobile can

How it Works?

Sajilo Khata Account is provided to each registered user of this service. This account provided can be used to deposit and withdrwal money like normal bank account. This account has been set with limits (per transaction/daily/monthly limit) and can be used to do any set of financial transaction.

Things to Remember

Call customer service/ Call center (01-4413033) for solution if confusion persists.


You can visit here for downloading Hello Paisa App for your mobile phone.


Terminologies that are used often...

P2P  Person to Person money transfer ( from one mobile account to another mobile account)
A2A Account to Account money transfer (from one bank account to other bank account)
Push/ Pull Push money into bank account / pull money from bank account
Self top-up/ buddy top-up Air time recharge for self / Air time recharge for buddy/friend
OTP One Time Password which is generated during customer sign up
Cash - in Depositing money into one's mobile account
Cash - out Withdrawing money from one's mobile account
SVA  Store Value Account which is also called mobile account



  • Transfer funds to any one holding a mobile phone.
  • Request money from friends and family
  • Direct air time top-up for himself or for anyone else
  • Pay registered merchant for goods purchased
  • Check balance of bank account/mobile account
  • Can perform transaction between their wallet and bank account
  • Pay for utility bills such as NTC post-paid, Landline bill and more
    • A customer can open up a Sajilo Khata at any of the nearest service network of Siddhartha Bank Limited or any Bank’s agent.
    • During registration, a 4 digit Pin prompted at IVR (Interactive Voice Response) call will be used as authorisation PIN during all transaction.
    • Each Service under Sajilo Khata can be accessed by typing in specific set of syntax as an SMS and to send to 3650.
    • Hello Paisa Application can also be downloaded for free once installed; tap in desired service from the list and a call will be generated.
    • Every service will follow an IVR call, where it is prompted for the PIN to authorise the transaction. Shortly you will receive a confirmation SMS for the service used.
      • Don’t disclose your PIN number to anyone.
      • if no IVR call is received, no transaction happens (except in case of Cash-in, where just confirmation SMS is received)
      • Inadequate network coverage can cause in delay of confirmation SMS.
      • Sajilo Mobile Khata user manual (Eng)
      • Sajilo Mobile Khata Transaction Fees & Limit


Hello Paisa Account Opening Form

As of April 20, 2021 04:58:42

Currency Unit Buying Selling
Cash Other
GBP 1 165.55 166.38 168.38
USD 1 118.9 119.5 120.1

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