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iConnect Services


  • Siddhartha iConnect (Internet Banking) allows customer to do banking using various gadgets having internet connection.
  • Retail customer can transfer Rs. 40,000 per transaction, 10 transactions count per day.
  • Daily transfer Limit is Rs.200,000.
  • Other than account information, statement and transaction you can also enquire on your loan details, term deposit details and  standing instruction.
  • Other information like Cheque Utilization,  exchange rate, internal mail box and transaction volume usages graph can be seen.
  • Beneficiary details can also be set.
  • Bill Payment option is available.
  • iConnect will show customer and allow to do various banking transaction under following link::

IConnect Service is 2FA enabled for secured transacion, 2FA is an additional security provided to customer while executing fund transfer through iConnect Service. In 2FA One Time Password (OTP) is generated through “Google Authenticator” which the customer has to download from Play StoreApple Store. This OTP generated from the application is valid only for 30 seconds and has to be validated for successful transfer.

2FA Registration Procedures from Customer’s Part:

  • ·         Customer needs to provide the iConnect application form with valid email ID.
  • ·         Customer needs to download and install the “Google Authenticator” App from Play Store/ Apple Store.
  • ·         Using the App, customer needs to scan the QR code received in their email.
  • ·         Once the App scans the QR code, it displays the OTP which completes the registration process.
  • ·         While executing fund transfer, customer needs to put the OTP generated from app.
  • ·         Upon validation of OTP, customer will be provided with the option to input the Transaction Password.
  • ·         The OTP in mobile app is self generated, where new OTP will be generated in every 30 seconds.
  • ·         Since the generated OTP is offline, the mobile “Date and Time” has to be synchronized with Network date and time. Ifthe mobile has different time zone, the OTP will not be valid.
  • ·         In case customer changes the mobile device, the Google Authenticator app needs to be downloaded and QR has to be scanned again from the new device.


1. Accounts inquiry:              
This link allows customer to inquire Account Information and Current Balance under single Customer Information File (CIF).
2. Account statement: This link allows customer to download Account statement.

3. Cheques

This link allow customer to check his/her cheques status

4. Payments: -> Internal transfer:

This link allow customer to Transfer Fund from his/her account to specified destination account within Siddhartha Bank. 

Per transaction limit is as mentioned above

5. Change Password: This link allow customer to change the iConnect password.
6. Term Deposit: This link allows customer to view his/her Term Deposit.
7. My Services:

This link allow customer to view the mail, user session, exchange rates and form download published by SBL.

8. Bill Payment:

This link allow customer to use Utility Bill Payment 

9. Loans:

This link allow customer to view his/her Loan details

10. Logout:

This link allow user to logout.



IConnect Application Form
iConnect End User Guide
Manual for Utility Bill Payment
Manual for 2FA

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