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Club Siddhartha

"Club Siddhartha" is an exclusive customer loyalty program of Siddhartha Bank aimed at providing additional value added benefits to its members.

Services offered to Club Siddhartha Members:

1. Incentive of Rs. 1,000:

You are entitled for incentive of Rs. 1,000 for every 5 new customers referred by you to join ‘Club Siddhartha”. Please ask your friends to mention your account number and name in their application form. The incentive will be provided for referring new members only.

2.Free Nepal Telecom/ Ncell Pre-paid Recharge worth Rs 200:

Please type CLUB & send SMS to 1060 to get your NTC recharge PIN worth Rs. 200. If you send a similar SMS from an Ncell number, your balance will be automatically recharged by Rs. 200.

3. Free Club Siddhartha Visa Domestic Debit Card:

This is a Visa Domestic Debit card with your photo, card number and name, which is valid in Nepal & India only. This card can be used in 40+ ATMs of Siddhartha Bank without charge and in most of other ATMs in Nepal with nominal transaction fee of Rs. 30 per transaction. This card can be also used for making purchases. If you spend more than Rs. 30,000 within 3 calendar months, you are entitled for cash back of 1%. This exclusive card also entitles you with different privileges and discounts at different merchant outlets, which will be communicated to you regularly. Without Club Siddhartha membership, normal charge for this card is Rs. 250 per annum.

4. Free Visa International Travel Card:

The International Visa Travel Card is issued against passport facility. The card can be used globally for cash withdrawal through ATM and for making purchases. This is very convenient mode of carrying money while travelling abroad. Without Club Siddhartha membership, normal charge for this service is Rs. 1,000 per year.

5.  Free Cheque Book (5 leaves per request).

6.  Free Balance Certificate:

You are entitled for availing 3 balance certificates within a year. You can use the balance certificate as proof of your bank account and balance available for various purposes. Without Club Siddhartha membership, normal charge for availing this service is Rs. 300 per certificate.

7.  Free Good for Payment Cheque:

You are entitled for availing 3 “Good for Payment” cheques within a year. Without Club Siddhartha membership, normal charge for availing this service is Rs. 50 per cheque.

8.  Free Internet Banking Services:

“iconnect” is Siddhartha Bank’s internet banking service, which is a very convenient channel to access your bank account 24X7. “iconnect” offers a wide range of personalized services like 360 degree view of all your accounts, balance enquiry, statements, transaction details, own account fund transfer, other account fund transfer within bank, loan details, standing instructions for post dated payment transfer, and lot many features to come.

9. Free Utility Bill Payment Services:

You can make your utility bills payment through Siddhartha Bank’s counter. Currently bill payment of NT Landline phone and Post Paid Mobile has been enabled. We will soon be adding many other service providers in the list. Soon, bill payment service will also be possible through various channels like internet banking, ATMs, Mobiles etc.

10. Free Any Branch Banking Services (ABBS):

ABBS entitles you to do transactions across all service networks of Siddhartha Bank Limited without any extra charge. There are 42 service networks of the bank as on date across the country. Without Club Siddhartha membership, normal charge for availing this service is Rs. 100 per transaction.

11. Free Mobile Banking Service:

With Mobile Banking Service, you can access your bank account 24X7 from your mobile. You have to download an application into your mobile phone to avail this service. Following services are available through mobile banking.

  • Balance enquiry, mini statement, ATM & service network locations, account to account fund transfer, utility payments, mobile recharges, request to bank, PIN change, card activation, card block, card re-pin etc. We will be adding up new services regularly, which will be updated accordingly.

12. Free SMS Banking/ Transaction alert Services

With transaction alerts, you can always track debit/credit transactions in your account.

13. Discounts & Privileges:

Being privilege member of Club Siddhartha, you will be entitled for exclusive privileges and discounts offered at different shopping/ merchant outlets. You will also get various exclusive promotional offers from our program partners like airlines, travels, hotels etc. We will be continuously informing you on our latest updates through SMS alerts and emails.




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