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VISA honors Nepalese Bank with “Excellence in Driving Innovation” Award

June 21, 2017

VISA has honored Siddhartha Bank with Excellence in Driving Innovation Award. This is for the first time where a Nepalese Bank has been able to receive Excellence in Driving Innovation award from VISA.

The Bank received this award for offering innovative card products to its customers and efficiently managing these issued cards by adding features as per the need of the customers and market scenario. The Bank has recently launched Siddhartha Uno Credit Card which is a cobranded card of Siddhartha Bank and Uno Internet Ventures and possesses numerous features of Uno Discount Card along with standard features of Siddhartha Credit Card. Siddhartha Uno credit cardholders can enjoy discounts from 10% to 40% while making payment to Uno Partner Merchants which comprises a diverse base of more than 350 retail outlets including clothing, restaurant, hotels, hospitals etc to name a few. The Bank plans to encourage the credit cardholders to further increase their use of credit card to promote cashless transaction and earn more discounts by paying with their credit card at such select outlets through Siddhartha Uno Credit Card. Out of the total number of transaction of the Bank, 30% of the transaction is being performed cashless. 

In addition to the Credit Card the Bank has been offering a wide range of Debit and Pre-paid Visa Cards which includes Medical Prepaid Card, International Travel Card, Student Prepaid Card etc. Currently the Bank has issued more than 160,000 VISA Cards to its valued customers and has been serving its customers through 70 Branches, 2 Extension Counters, 90 ATMs, 1 Mobile ATM, 70 Branchless Banking Locations and more than 400 POS machines.

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