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  • Siddhartha iConnect (Internet Banking) allows customer to do banking using various gadgets having internet connection.
  • Retail customer can transfer Rs. 40,000 per transaction, 10 transactions count per day.
  • Daily transfer Limit is Rs.200,000.
  • Other than account information, statement and transaction you can also enquire on your loan details, term deposit details and  standing instruction.
  • Other information like Cheque Utilization,  exchange rate, internal mail box and transaction volume usages graph can be seen.
  • Beneficiary details can also be set.
  • Bill Payment option is available.
  • iConnect will show customer and allow to do various banking transaction under following link::
1. Accounts inquiry:              
This link allows customer to inquire Account Information and Current Balance under single Customer Information File (CIF).
2. Account statement: This link allows customer to download Account statement.

3. Cheques

This link allow customer to check his/her cheques status

4. Payments: -> Internal transfer:

This link allow customer to Transfer Fund from his/her account to specified destination account within Siddhartha Bank. 

Per transaction limit is as mentioned above

5. Change Password: This link allow customer to change the iConnect password.
6. Term Deposit: This link allows customer to view his/her Term Deposit.
7. My Services:

This link allow customer to view the mail, user session, exchange rates and form download published by SBL.

8. Bill Payment:

This link allow customer to use Utility Bill Payment 

9. Loans:

This link allow customer to view his/her Loan details

10. Logout:

This link allow user to logout.



Account Opening Form
iConnect End User Guide
Manual for Utility Bill Payment

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